Examinations are considered paramount for long-term health in pets. Having regular check-ups can prevent potential health issues and identify early stages of disease or pain when they are most treatable.

At Rea Road Animal Hospital, we offer wellness exams to discuss your pet’s physical condition, behavior, habits, and care with a veterinary professional who can provide helpful advice. It is strongly recommended that pets receive a physical examination at least once a year. If the pet is older or ill, it may be vital for our team to see the pet every six months due to health problems that could advance in their later years.

An annual wellness exam at Rea Road Animal Hospital will include a full nose-to-tail physical examination. This allows us to detect any problems in your pet’s health status. The physical examination will include:

  • Feeling joints and muscles
  • Checking the gums and mouth for any signs of disease or decay
  • Looking into the eyes and ears
  • Analyzing the skin and fur
  • Palpating the abdomen
  • Weighing the pet

Once the examination is complete, we may recommend additional tests such as a fecal exam, urinalysis, or blood work for complete insight into your pet’s overall health status.

If you believe your pet is due for or in need of a physical examination, please call our office to schedule an appointment at (704) 544-6313.

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