General & Advanced Surgery

At Rea Road Animal Hospital, we understand the idea of your beloved pet undergoing surgery can be stressful and scary. Our clinical team will be here for you and your pet every step of the way, providing education around the surgery, offering comfort through the process, and extending the care and compassion you both deserve.  

Our team of veterinary surgeons at Rea Road Animal Hospital are well-equipped to perform both general and advanced surgeries with exceptional accuracy and success. We take all safety precautions to ensure your pet is comfortable and in the best care possible.

Prior to the procedure, a pre-surgical examination and blood sample is conducted to determine if the patient is healthy to undergo anesthesia and the surgery itself. We encourage owners to ask questions about the procedure during the pre-surgical examination.

During the surgery, a highly-trained member of our team will monitor the patient’s vital signs continuously to ensure maximum safety and comfort. Our goal is to use an appropriate amount of pain medication so when they wake up, the patient will be as comfortable as possible.

After the surgery, we will continue to monitor pain and ensure they are recovering from anesthesia as expected.

Our medical team has years of experience performing the following veterinary surgeries:

Spay/Neuter Surgery: a procedure recommended for all companion animals, spay/neuter surgery is typically done before an animal reaches its sexual maturity, although pets can benefit from this procedure at any age. Post-operation, pets can typically go home within the same day.

Soft Tissue Surgery: This term is typically any surgery that is unrelated to bones, joints or cartilage. Some of these procedures include emergency surgeries, mass removal, hernia repair, laceration repair, soft palate, biopsies, intestine and stomach, soft palate, or bladder stone removal.

Orthopedic Surgery: This type of surgery treats the knees, elbows, and hips. The most common need for a veterinary orthopedic surgery is caused from ACL tears in dogs. Dr. Allan Dozier has been performing orthopedic surgery for over 40 years on over 1,000 animals.

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