Grooming is beneficial for keeping your pet’s skin clean and healthy. We recommend having a routine grooming schedule to not only help your pet look and feel their best, but to also prevent and identify potential health issues such as hot spots, fleas and ticks, abnormal skin issues, ear mites, and more. Along with providing preventative care, grooming is also helpful in cutting back the wear and tear of pets on your home! If you notice your home has excess pet hair and pet scratches, consider making a grooming appointment for your pet.

Our grooming team practices gentle grooming techniques to ensure your pet is comfortable during their stay. We offer a variety of grooming services, including haircuts, lioncuts (for cats), baths, eliminating knots, nail trims, ear cleanings and more. 

For your convenience, Rea Road Animal Hospital offers grooming services by appointment only on Tuesdays. Baths are offered Monday – Friday. Grooming appointments can be scheduled by calling us at (704) 544-6313.

Please note that we require the following vaccines for all grooming patients:

  • Dogs: Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, Canine Influenza
  • Cats: Rabies, Distemper

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