Even the best pet parents can lose their pets, no matter how careful they can be. Accidents happen and it’s important to take preventative measures to keep from losing a pet. Every year, it’s a fact that millions of lost pets are turned into veterinary offices or animal shelters. Sadly, the majority of these lost pets are never reunited with their families.

A microchip can carry the pet owner’s contact information, which helps increase the chances of lost pets returning to their original homes. Microchipping is a simple and virtually pain-free procedure that implements a rice-sized chip in between the pet’s shoulder blades. The procedure only takes a few seconds and is comparable to a routine vaccination.

After the microchip is implanted, it’s ready to be registered in the national pet-finding database. Once the microchip is registered, the pet will have the owner’s contact information for the rest of their life. It is important to note that microchips can be updated in the database if pet owners move or change phone numbers, so be sure to keep this in mind and update accordingly.  

In addition to microchipping, we recommend using all forms of identification, including ID tags and pet collars, as the fear of being separated from a pet can be a terrifying thought.

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