Behavioral Consultation for Cats & Dogs

Animal Behavior

Your pet's behavior can be an important diagnostic tool. At Rea Road Animal Hospital, we understand that your pet's behavior is one way he or she can communicate.

If your pet begins to show destructive or aggressive behaviors, your pet might be in pain or this can be a sign of anxiety, a joint problem, or other systemic issues. Your pet's veterinarian will work with you to determine the cause of these new undesirable behaviors. We may refer you to specialists who are experts in pet training and behavior problems. Sometimes pets need medicine to help them be their best. For certain problems, such as fear of thunderstorms or anxiety, we may prescribe medication.

We recommend training your pet early to prevent problems in the future. Puppy socialization classes can help your new pet start on the right foot by showing you how to use basic commands, skills in problem solving, and socialization. You can also learn about communicating with your dog as well as what to expect during early development.

If you have questions or concerns about how your pet is acting, call us today!

"We are so pleased and blessed to have Dr. Dozier and your clinic. Time and time again, you all and Dr. Dozier especially have been unfailingly kind, considerate and caring beyond most of any care we have experienced at vets. Having bred goldens for over 50 years we have experienced many vet clinics. Dr. Dozier tops them all. He is unhurried, makes one feel like you are his only client in all the world, takes his time, is thorough and careful and you feel you have his 100% undivided attention. No vet in the hundreds we have worked with has been so available, so kind, willing to take his time, as Dr. Dozier. HE IS THE BEST! Certainly the wonderful staff is a reflection, plus we comment all the time that Dr. Dozier seems to have very little turn over. You all must be happy and respected. Bless you all!" - Ann Chase
"We love Dr. Michael!! She has been so wonderful going down the path with us on our elderly yellow Lab, Bailey Baroo. She has worked with us to find the right blend of food, medicine and exercise to give us more years with him and we appreciate that when she hears hoof beats she thinks horses, not zebras! Everyone at RRAH is wonderful, but Dr. Michael is extra special!" -Lesli An Orio
"Rea Road has been our family vet since the day they opened. I would not trust my pets to anyone else." - Michelle Kingston
"Best vets ever in Charlotte! They have taken such amazing care of my kids and of me, their fretting mom. I wouldn't trust anyone else." - Pamela Shaw
"Rea Road has the most caring staff. Dr. Dozier is truly wonderful! We have taken our babies there for years and they truly love them as much as we do." - Mattie Collins-Walker
"Very simply, we love Rea Road Animal Hospital. Knowledgeable, kind and compassionate!" - Heather Theriault
"Rea Road Animal Hospital has been our vet since we moved to Charlotte 9 years ago. Our dog, Bandit, will be 18 years old in September and we attribute his longevity to the doctors and especially the staff at this establishment. We have recommended the facility to our friends and neighbors and they have used the hospital for vet services, boarding, grooming and a place to love their pets." - Stephen & Heidi Kramer