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Traveling with your pet can be fun, but stressful without the appropriate paperwork and planning.

Traveling With Your Pet

Pets who will be traveling by plane, over state borders, or internationally are legally required to have a travel certificate completed by a federally accredited veterinarian and, for most international travel, endorsed by a USDA APHIS Veterianarian. Travel certificates are meant to protect the safety of your pet, other travelers, and the environment in which you will be traveling.

It's very important to note that there may be additional animal health requirements specific to your destination. Because of this, we highly recommend contacting us as soon as you know your travel details so we can assist with the pet travel process. Additional health requirements may include updating vaccines, deadlines to have your health certificate endorsed by a USDA APHIS veterinarian, performing lab testing, or receiving medications or treatments.

When issuing a travel certificate, your veterinarian will ensure your pet is healthy enough to travel, free from disease and parasites, and has received the appropriate vaccinations.

If you are traveling by air, we recommend contacting your airline in advance of your departure at least one month out to touch base with their travel requirements. Some airlines require the travel certificate to be dated within 10 days before the flight.

Pets who travel in the cabin with their owners endure far less stress than pets who ride in steerage. If possible, request your pet fly with you. For other pets who do not meet the size requirements, riding in the cabin will not be an option. It’s important to take extra care in providing pets riding in steerage with plenty of space and water, and avoid flying in extreme hot and cold temperatures.

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